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About Us

Shalom Mishpachah!

Children Of The Promise Books is a company dedicated to providing biblical stories and activities that children can relate to.


We write books for our children so that they have continuous reminders on The Most High Laws and remain set apart, overcome criticism and are able to educate their peers on our customs.  In understanding our customs, our children are able to understand why we must stay in righteousness to our Elohim YHWH.


Meet Our Staff

Elishebah Ys'rael

Founder and Inspirational Writer


I am a parent who sought the need to provide my child with reading material that he could relate to.  I searched for books, however I couldn't find much literature on the Israelite culture for children. All praises to The Most High for allowing me to write for our little ones.  

Noah Ys'rael

Inspirational Writer

My Ee-ma (Mother) writes books for me. 

Deborah Ys'rael

Co- Owner and Inspirational Writer


I am a parent that believes that our children are our future.  I saw a void and felt the need to fill it.  Children Of The Promise Books is an excellent resource for our future.